FEC: Comments Filed by CLC & Democracy 21 on Advisory Opinion Request 2013-09 (Special Operations Speaks PAC and Col. Robert L. Maness)


Comments filed on behalf of the Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21 with regard to Advisory Opinion Request (AOR) 2013-09, a request submitted on behalf of Special Operations Speaks PAC (“SOS”) and Col. Robert L. Maness, a candidate for U.S. Senate. Notwithstanding the fact that SOS has not met the “made contributions to 5 or more candidates for Federal office” requirement for “multicandidate political committee” status under 2 U.S.C. § 441a(a)(4), requestors ask the Commission whether SOS may make, and whether Col. Maness may accept, a contribution exceeding the $2,600 limit applicable to non-multicandidate political committees, up to the $5,000 limit applicable to multicandidate political committees. AOR 2013-09 at 1.