FCC: CLC et al. Application for Review of Dismissal of Complaint Against WJLA-TV and KGW regarding Sponsorship Identification


CLC, Common Cause and the Sunlight Foundation requested the full Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reverse the Media Bureau's September 2, 2014 decision to dismiss complaints filed against WJLA-TV in the Washington, DC area and KGW of Portland, OR.  Each station ran ads paid for by Super PACs that received virtually all of their funding from a single donor, making that person the "true sponsor" of the advertisement, even though neither station disclosed on-air the name of that single donor.  CLC et al, state that the Media Bureau dimissed the complaints in error and in violation of the plain language and history of Section 317 of the Communications Act.

To see the complaint filed against WJLA and KGW, click here.