Call Recording: 2018 Democracy Battles in the States


In 2017, we have seen an administration with unprecedented conflicts of interest, foreign actors exploiting loopholes in our political disclosure laws, legislative and regulatory failures and skyrocketing “independent” campaign spending. 

Americans are concerned about where our democracy is headed, and we’re fighting on more fronts than ever before. But with federal legislative reform stalled, and in the face of misguided Supreme Court decisions, our fight in states and localities across the nation is arguably equally important to saving our democracy. 

In advance of the 2018 election, CLC is engaged in policy reform and litigation nationwide to support and defend strong transparency laws, contribution limits and public financing measures. Learn about why these state and local laws and initiatives are crucial to the future health of our democracy.

Listen to a call hosted by CLC staff on December 14, 2017 to discuss these critical issues: