Donations from individuals and foundations to Campaign Legal Center  — a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization — make possible our work in campaign finance, voting rights, redistricting and government ethics. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Given our commitment to transparency and accountability, CLC discloses all donations of $200 or greater made within the past twelve months. We update the list on a monthly basis. We are grateful to the individual and institutional donors who have supported our work over the past year. 


2032 Trust

AbbVie Employee Match Program

Abigail Lufkin

The Adam J. Weissman Foundation

Alan and Irene Wurtzel through the Richmond Community Foundation

Allan & Joyce Cohen Family Fund 

Allison Lipsman

Amy and James Ramsey

The Amy L. Hubbard and Geoffrey J. Kehoe Fund

Andrea Rosen Charitable Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund

Andrew Bruml Charitable Fund

Andrew Posner

Andrew Warner

The Angelina Fund

Anna Totdahl

Anne and Don Ayer Charitable Fund

The Apple Employee Matching Gift Program

Arkay Foundation

Arnold Ventures

Arthur Golden

Aston Motes

Atlanta Jewish Foundation

The Aufmuth Family Foundation

B & C Karlin Giving Fund

Bahman Irvani

Barbara and Randall Bovbjerg

The BDM Family Foundation

Beaty Family Fund

Benjamin Farkas

The Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust

Beth Ogilvie

Betsy Kleeblatt

Beverly Martin

Boaz Gurdin

Boisfeuillet Jones

Boston Foundation

Brach Family Fund

Brad Chase

Brian Zeger

Bright Funds Foundation

Bright Horizon Fund 

Caldera Foundation

Calvin Pohl

Cameron Cowan

Cameron Roberts

Camille Butrus

Capital Group

Carnegie Corporation of New York

Carol Lee

Cary Ridder

Chai Feldblum

Champlain Valley Unitarian Universalist Society

Charles Evans Hughes Memorial Fund

Chauncey P. Colwell

Chicago Community Foundation

Chris Ambrose Charitable Fund

Chris Angell

Christopher and Jean Angell Charitable Fund

Christopher Angell

Claneil Foundation

The Clement & Linda McGillicuddy Fund

Commodore Management Trust

Connie Goodyear and Barry C. Baron, MD

Cow Hollow Fund

Cynthia Dwork

Cynthia Nathanson Rust

DADT17 Fund

Dana Beyer

Daniel F. Grossman

Daniel Zilkha

David and Amber Segatto

David and Janet Villadsen

David Gerson

David Green

David Hiller Charitable Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation

David Longtin

David Staub

David Sullivan

David Voremberg

David Walbert

David Zenoff

Deborah Cortesi

Deborah Gieringer

Deborah Hellman

DeCourcy McIntosh

Democracy Fund

Diana Hammond

Don & Beth Abbott Charitable Giving Fund 

Donald D. Niemann Charitable Fund 

Donald Mark

Doug Eck

Douglas Hsiao

Edges of the Field Fund

Edith Allen

Edwin Maynard

Elise B. Lufkin

Elizabeth Dietel

Elizabeth Wise

Ellie and Dan Fund

The Emika Fund

The Emily Davie and Joseph S. Kornfeld Foundation

Emmett Carpel

Eric Mumpower

F Three Foundation

Faith Gay

Fidelity Charitable

Ford Foundation

Francine Cournos

Francis X. and Barbara Bolton

Frank Pace, Jr. Foundation

Frederick and Diana Prince Foundation

The Fulton Family Charitable Fund

Gail Feagles

Gaillot Giving Fund

Gareth Rosenau

Gary Richardson

The Geoffrey C. Hughes Foundation

George Driesen

George L. Ohrstrom

George Macomber Family Charitable Gift Fund- JDM

George Shackelford

Georgescu Family Foundation

Gershman Giving Fund

Gerson Family Fund

GivingForce Foundation

Google Employee Matching Gift Fund

Graeme Daykin

Gretchen Brevnov

Grossman Family Partnership

The Harold and Stephanie Bronson Fund of the Liberty Hill Foundation

Harry J. and M. Roper

Helen DuBois

Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation

Ingrid Lindsay

J. Dinsmore Adams, Jr.

J.M. Kaplan Fund

Jacob L. and Lillian Holtzmann Foundation on behalf of Trustee, Susie Richardson

James Bierman

James D. Houghton and Constance B. Coburn

James Gleick

James Nicoll

James Tilley

Jamie Craft

Jean Perin

Jeanne Morency

Jeff Brown

Jeffrey and Darcie Sharlein

Jeffrey Family Fund

Jeffrey Wood

Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation 

Jennifer Manly

The Jerold J. and Marjorie N. Principato Foundation

Jessica Amunson

Jessica Mathews

Jim Hooton

Jim Rowe

Joan Kasprowicz

Joanne Slotnick and Stephen Trimble

Joe Alsop

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

John E. Palmer and Mary N. Palmer

The John Finley and Stan McGee Giving Fund

John L. Callas Family Fund

John Murphy

John Ortega

John Richardson

Jon Texter

Joseph Karpfinger

Joseph Mastey

Joseph Singer

Josh Friedman

Joyce Foundation

Jutost Graham Family

Kaphan Foundation

Karen and Stephen Clegg Fund

Karl Smith, Jr. Charitable Fund

Kate and Henry Rogers

The Katherine G Gerling-McLeod Charitable Fund

Katherine P. Wise

Kathleen Crowell

Kathryn Goldfarb

Kenneth Ruberg

Kirshenbaum/Slater Family Charitable Fund

The Klarman Family Foundation

The Kohlberg Foundation

Larry Gelb

Laura Quigg and Bjorn Flesaker

Laurie Emrich

Legacy Fund at the Bainum Family Foundation

Lekan Wang

Lena Ingegerd Scott

Leon A Wilson Jr.

Leora Barish

Leslie Scallet and Maury Lieberman

Leta Ming

Linda Weinert and Robert Lyon

The Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund

Lisa Gerchick

Lisille and Henry Matheson

Louis and Anne Abrons Foundation

Louisa Duemling

Lucia Case

Luminescence Foundation

Lynn and Samuel Stahl Family Philanthropic Fund

Lynn Dolnick

Mallory and Diana Walker

Marc and Tracy Porosoff Charitable Fund

Marcus Family Foundation

Maria Poulos

María Reyes

Marie Ridder

Mark Ohrstrom

Mark Schenkman

Martha Kropf 

Martina Benton

Mary Carroll W. Scott DAF

Mary Dixon

Mary Keegan

Mathew Kessler

Matt and Kathryn Kamm

Matthew and Barbara K. Black

Matthew Miller

Melissa Cantacuzene Donor Advised Fund

Melissa Ho

Mellon Foundation

Merrill Family Foundation

Mertz Gilmore Foundation

Micah Fund of The Columbus Foundation

Michael and Anne B. Golden Fund

Michael Miller

Michael Morency

Michael Pietsch

Michael Spinella and Matthew Welch

Michael Switzenbaum

Michael Washburn and Nancy Carmichael

Microsoft Employee Gift Fund

Mr. Derek Bok and Mrs. Sissela Bok

Ms. Susan G Gilmore Stone and Mr. Prescott W. Stone

Nancy West

Natalie Moon-Wainwright

Nathalie and James Andrews Foundation

Nathalie Gilfoyle

Nathan Block

National Philanthropic Trust

NEO Philanthropy State Infrastructure Fund


Next Generation Foundation

Nion McEvoy and Leslie Berriman

Norman Ornstein

Orange County Community Foundation

Outerbridge Horsey

The Padosi Foundation

Pamela Werth

Paul D. Cronin

Paul H. Klingenstein and Kathleen R. Bole Family Fund

Paul Klingenstein

Perrin Stewart

Peter Boyer

Peter Sly

Peter Staple

Phyllis Gardner

Popplestone Foundation

Porpoise Fund

Pozen Family Fund

Prentice Foundation

Present Progressive Fund at the Schwab Charitable Fund

Prince Charitable Trusts

Protea Fund

Randy Brachman

RBW Studio LLC

The Red House Fund

The Reed Family Foundation, Inc.

Richard and Sally Russo

Richard Holmstrom

Richard Marcus

Richard Woods

Rick Rees

The Robert Matlock Fund

Robert Snyder

Robert Tuschman

Robin and John Moss Hinchcliff Charitable Fund

Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Rockefeller Family Fund

The Rosenzweig Family Fund

Roy Ulrich

Rumford Family Fund

S Kurinsky Giving Fund

Sally Fay

Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust

The Sandler Foundation

Sandra and Stephen Foote

Sarah and Jed Nussdorf

Schwab Charitable Fund

Scott Kasprowicz

Scott Setrakian

Scott Thomas

Sedgwick Family Trust

Senville Foundation

Shames Family Foundation

The Shared Ascent Fund

Sharon Kurinsky

Shelley and Steven Harris Foundation

The Sherwood Foundation

Sony Music Group

Staff of the Sherwood Foundation

The Standard

Stanley Sandrowicz

The Steelberg Family Foundation

Stephen Cotton

Stephen Golden

Stephen Henderson

Stephen Herbits

Stephen Torkelsen

Stephen Wolgast

Stuart Chiron

Stuart Hanlon

Stuart Parsons

Stupski Foundation

Susan Cole

Susan Falsey

Susan Zappone and Mitchell Bacharach Fund

Sustainable Grantmaking Partners Fund

Sylvia McDonough

The Taniwha Fund

Thacher White

Third Plateau

The Thornburg Foundation

Three Summers Fund

Thurgood Marshall, Jr.

Tina Shone

Travis Brown and Teresa Barger

The Unite America Institute

Valentin Gui

Venturous Counsel A Professional Corporation

Vincent Wharton

Virginia Weil

Viviane Warren

Vogt-Morentz Charitable Fund 

Voter Participation Center

Wendy Mariner

Wilhelm Merck and Nonie Brady

Will and Suzanne Schutte

Will Evers

William A. Von Mueffling

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

William Brown

William Dietel

William Levine Family Fund

The William M Backer Foundation

Zachary Piaker

Zankel Scala Family Foundation

Zegar Family Fund