The Charles Fried Legal Fellowship

In this critical moment for our democracy, it is imperative that we identify long-term solutions to protect our institutions and uphold the democratic values upon which our nation was founded. Moreover, we must prepare the next generation of lawyers to ensure that our government remains responsive and accountable to the American people. To that end, CLC is fundraising for a program to honor the late Harvard Law Professor Charles Fried. 

Charles Fried -- respected lawyer and scholar, former Solicitor General, and model of non-partisan commitment to effective democracy -- served on CLC’s Board of Directors from 2016 to 2021. Charles was a champion of many of CLC’s core efforts, including fair legislative redistricting and ensuring election integrity. 

Charles was a beloved teacher and mentor of aspiring lawyers for decades. His message to his students was always the need to protect the rule of law, which stands as an essential bulwark of democracy. In honor of Professor Fried’s legacy, impact, and dedication to democracy, CLC announced the creation of the Charles Fried Legal Fellowship in 2023, with the enthusiastic support of Professor Fried, who passed away in January. It is fitting that we honor this great teacher by creating an initiative devoted to protecting the values he exemplified and preparing the next generation of lawyers advancing democracy through law.

The Charles Fried Fellowship will be a one-year fellowship for a recent law school graduate who will focus in one or more areas of CLC’s work to preserve and protect American democracy. That work includes promoting voting rights, fair legislative districting, sensible campaign finance regulation, and high standards of government ethics.

CLC is working to raise $2 million this year to establish the fellowship. Gifts towards CLC’s Charles Fried Legal Fellowship make a lasting contribution to strengthening our democracy. You can make a contribution on our website (please note in the Tribute field that your donation is in honor of Charles Fried) or contact Jon Roux at [email protected].