WHYY: Ballot Talks: Delayed presidential bids and campaign finance reform


Guests: Paul Seamus Ryan, Nate Persily, Eric Lichtblau

Guest host Mary Cummings-Jordan – WHYY Radio Times

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Jeb Bush said he’ll be announcing his bid for the 2016 election on Monday. Scott Walker has yet to make his candidacy official. But is there any doubt that Bush or Walker will be making a run for the White House? Election watchdog groups say these tactics bend campaign finance laws by allowing likely candidates more time to raise unregulated money and coordinate through their super PACs. In this week’s edition of Ballot Talks, what does election laws say about “non-candidate” strategy? We’ll also discuss a recent poll that shows most Americans are worried about money in politics and want reform. And we’ll look at how the internet is changing political campaigning.  

Guest host Mary Cummings-Jordan talks with PAUL SEAMUS RYAN, senior counsel at the Campaign Legal Center, NATE PERSILY, Professor of Law, Politics and Communication at Stanford University Law School, and ERIC LICHTBLAU, investigative reporter for the New York Times.

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