The Wall Street Journal: Some Candidates, Super PACs Draw Closer


“The theory is that super PACs are independent groups, so it’s not corrupting for them to take large sums of money,” said Trevor Potter, a former Republican commissioner on the Federal Election Commission. “Reality is that they are now joined at the hip with the candidate.” ...

Two groups, Democracy 21 and Mr. Potter’s Campaign Legal Center recently urged the Justice Department to investigate allegations that Mr. Bush indirectly controls the super PAC through its top political strategist, Mike Murphy. The groups previously filed complaints with the FEC, which are pending, that Mr. Bush and others skirted campaign finance limits by saying they were considering a White House bid while, in effect, already campaigning.

“By every measure, he is more involved in a bigger, more integrated operation than any other candidate,” Mr. Potter said of Mr. Bush. “He has done a good job of leveraging certain advantages that no one before this year dreamed was even legal or possible.”

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