Video: Clinton and Romney Campaign Managers Tout Cybersecurity Initiative


Two former presidential campaign managers have teamed up in a new initiative to tackle cybersecurity issues during the 2020 election. "The two of us testified in front of the FEC to get a special waiver so that we could provide in kind cybersecurity  advice and services to Republican and Democratic campaigns all across the country," said Matt Rhoades. But as critics point out, the idea hinges on companies donating services to political campaigns — something that's against FEC rules for good reason. "For decades there have been laws that prohibit corporations from giving free things to candidates to their campaigns because the potential for corruption that you would see if corporations could give their services or products for free to people who are running for political office," said Adav Noti, who is the chief of staff and senior director for trial and litigation at the Campaign Legal Center.

Watch the full video here.