RNC's highest-paid vendor of the 2020 election: A mystery company formed nine months ago


"Pretty impressive that an LLC that didn't exist at the beginning of this year and still doesn't have a website has received $42 million from the RNC," Brendan Fischer, director of federal reform at the Campaign Legal Center, told Salon. "The RNC likely wouldn't take a $42 million gamble on a newly-created operation with no track record; presumably, Digital Consulting Group LLC was set up by trusted political operatives." The CLC's Fischer told Salon that the Digital Consulting Group arrangement struck him as possibly similar. "These transactions are likely permissible if the LLC actually provided $42 million in goods or services to the RNC," Fischer said. But the party may have violated federal disclosure requirements, he said, "if the LLC merely acted as a pass-through to disguise the ultimate recipients of the RNC's spending.”

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