Rick Scott’s involvement with super PAC shows blurred lines

Tampa Bay Times

Gov. Rick Scott will appear on a conference call next week for the super PAC supporting his Senate run, illustrating the blurred lines between candidates and ostensibly independent groups that can accept unlimited donations. Scott, to be joined by Jeb Bush, is a "special guest" of New Republican PAC, according to an invitation for the Aug. 28 call obtained by the Tampa Bay Times. Single candidate super PACs are an increasing trend in politics and FEC regulations permit some interaction, short of direct coordination of strategy and messaging.

Candidates can even ask for money but no more than $5,000 that would go to a standard PAC. But super PACs are designed to take in huge sums, so the candidate simply does not make the ask. "It certainly indicates that our system is broken," said Brendan Fischer, director of the federal reform program for the Campaign Legal Center, adding the practice puts even more power in the hands of wealthy donors.

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