Rejecting Barr's 'Whitewash' of Mueller Report, Democrats Demand to Hear from Special Counsel Himself

Common Dreams

The Campaign Legal Center (CLC) issued a statement also rejecting assertions by Trump and some in the corporate media that the matter of Russia's interference with the 2016 election was resolved—noting that the report confirmed the meddling 19 months before Americans again go to the polls to elect a president. "Millions of Americans went to the ballot box in 2016 without knowing that a foreign adversary had taken extraordinary steps to pose as American political activists online, purchase political ads, and hack a major party nominee and campaign committee," Trevor Potter, president of the CLC, said. "It is time to focus on how we can strengthen our election system to prevent foreign interference through illicit online activity, and to clarify our campaign laws so that the opportunity no longer exists for foreign actors to influence elections."

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