The Hill: The Supreme Court Must Step In: Both Major Parties Are Testing American Democracy by Gerrymandering


Partisan gerrymandering has recently grown far more acute and brazen. This has occurred because of a new strategy to manipulate the entire state delegation, rather than just helping or hurting individual friends or foes; and computer technology advances that let officials precisely manipulate district lines to guarantee one party or another protracted dominance of the delegation, notwithstanding the popular vote. According to University of Chicago Law Professor Nick Stephanopoulos, four of the five most partisan state legislative maps in the last 45 years were drawn since 2010, as were seven of the 10 most partisan state congressional maps. Americans know it's getting worse,  because it is. On Wednesday, March 28 the Supreme Court will hear – for a second time this term – a case challenging the constitutionality of egregious partisan "bulk" gerrymandering, in this case by Democrats in Maryland.   

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