Gov. Doug Ducey’s billionaire sugar daddy revealed

AZ Central

Gov. Doug Ducey had a billionaire sugar daddy helping his re-election campaign that none of us knew about.

Until now.

After some probing by Howard Fischer of Capitol Media Services it turns out that a $500,000 donation to the Ducey Victory Fund, originally listed as coming from a company called Blue Magnolia, actually came from a superrich local Republican stalwart named Larry Van Tuyl.


Brendan Fischer, director of the Campaign Legal Center’s federal reform program told Fischer, “It’s not enough that a half-million-dollar contribution is reattributed once the secret donor gets caught. It’s important that Arizona authorities send a message that this kind of conduct is impermissible.”

Ducey isn’t talking about the donation. Not to the press, anyway.

Hopefully, the attorney general’s office won’t take no for an answer.

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