Don't forget Donald Trump Jr. and his Trump Tower meeting. He broke the law, too.

USA Today

Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to two felony campaign-finance violations last week and implicated President Donald Trump in those violations. But we should not lose sight of another person in Trump’s orbit who also apparently violated campaign-finance laws in the 2016 presidential election. That would be his son.

There is "smoking gun" evidence that Donald Trump Jr. violated the statutory prohibition against a person soliciting a contribution to influence an election from a foreign national — which includes foreign countries, corporations and individuals. Incriminating documents and information about Hillary Clinton that would be "very useful" to presidential candidate Trump would clearly be something “of value.” This was offered to Trump Jr. in connection with the 2016 presidential election and was expressly made on behalf of a foreign country. Thus, the offer made to Trump Jr. falls squarely within the definition of "contribution."

In June 2016, Democracy 21 and the Campaign Legal Center filed a complaint with the FEC against the Trump campaign for violating the solicitation ban. Nevertheless, the Trump campaign continued to make these blatantly illegal solicitations. This led Democracy 21 and the Campaign Legal Center to file a second complaint, this time with the Justice Department, asking for a criminal investigation of the Trump campaign’s solicitation of foreign contributions.

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