Detroit News: Bishop PAC fails to file disclosure reports


A fundraising committee formed over a year ago by Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop of Rochester has failed to file any disclosure reports whatsoever, risking federal fines and penalties.

The Federal Election Commission took notice and sent letters asking Bishop’s leadership political action committee to file, but it still didn’t do it.

Brendan Fischer, director of the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center’s Federal and FEC Reform Program, said a failure to disclose the money is “very concerning.”

“A candidate who has been in Congress for over two years now certainly knows that the money raised and spent through your leadership PAC is subject to reporting requirements,” Fischer said.

“The reason we have these disclosure is so voters know who is supporting a candidate and who is potentially trying to buy influence with a candidate. If the money is kept secret, the public and voters can’t know if the official is taking action to benefit those secret donors.”

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