CCTV English: Trump's business interests


"If we saw this kind of arrangement discussed in other countries, particularly in Africa or other parts of the world where you're going to see a president and his family running the business, we would consider that one of the features of a banana republic. "said Meredith Mcgehee, Campaign Legal Center Strategic Adviser.

There's no legal obligation for Trump to put his businesses into blind trusts. But critics say it's crucial for Trump's overseas interests. Four years ago, the President-elect opened new property in Turkey -- one of the most geopolitically sensitive places in the world. 
Meredith Mcgehee said "Making foreign policy is something that is solely within the power of the President, so he has a wide ranging portfolio. And if there is going to be a discussion made about something that is affecting a foreign country that is where the conflict potentially arises."

As the ethical discussion continues, Trump continues to develop his business empire a new hotel brand launched shortly before the election.

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