Business Insider: Ethics Experts Are Taking Aim at Trump's 'Concerning' Relationship With India


Just prior to the 2016 presidential election, President Donald Trump cut an ad aimed at Indian-American voters.

The ad prominently featured an image of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and included Trump reading a version of Modi's popular campaign slogan, but tailored for himself, saying (in Hindi), "this time, we're with Trump's government."

There were more images in the ad, including a spin on a popular Trump campaign sign that read "Great for America — Great for US-India Relationship."

It also cut to Trump speaking at a Hindu-American Diwali festival in New Jersey just prior to the ad's release.


Larry Noble, senior director and general counsel of the Campaign Legal Center, said Trump's India ties were the "perfect example of a conflict of interest." He added that it's hard to believe someone would not consider the president's financial interest in approving a future deal or buying one of the apartments.

Noble mentioned that the Modi, of the Indian far-right, and his government would traditionally be controversial in the US. He said "difficult issues involving governance in India" will "all raise the stakes here" for Trump.

"He has a direct financial interest in India treating his businesses well," he said. "That's a problem for us."

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