Yahoo News: Russia Probe: Trump Aide Struggles to Pay Legal Defense


Michael Caputo, a former campaign adviser to President Donald Trump, has claimed the ongoing federal probe into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia has taken such a financial burden on him that he's been forced to dip into his children’s college funds to pay for an attorney. 

Caputo, who had worked in the Trump campaign’s communications department, has a hired a New York based attorney to assist in the ongoing investigation. He told The Washington Examiner he is struggling to pay for a legal defense team, because it requires a certain kind of attorney that is costly but competent.


Although Caputo has not had any assistance in paying for his legal aid, a few members of Trump’s team have had their legal services paid for. The Trump campaign paid $50,000 for Donald Trump Jr.’s attorney back in June. 

"It's legal for the campaign to pay any legal expenses arising out of the campaign," said Larry Noble back in June, general counsel of the Campaign Legal Center, a watchdog group. 

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