Wisconsin Gerrymander Ruling Could Impact Illinois (WGBZ)


Ruth Greenwood with the Campaign Legal Center said Whitford v. Gill is significant because it establishes a clear-cut way to determine if a state's maps are gerrymandered. She said the fact that Wisconsin's maps were drawn in a way to unfairly benefit the party was enough for the three-judge panel to call it unconstitutional.

"There are obviously different ways to do it, but the point of the case was to be able to say they could have done it differently, but they chose not to," she said.

Greenwood said that should the Supreme Court ruling go the Democrats' way, Illinois' Democrats should expect a case saying that their legislative map drawing fits the criteria for gerrymandering.

"If the Supreme Court rules and says that this test works, you could file a suit in Illinois the next day," she said.

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