Will Georgia voting controversies discourage voters from turning out?

USA Today

Kirk Franklin's "Looking for you" blared from speakers in the parking lot of a union headquarters near Atlanta's Summerhill neighborhood. Charter buses stood ready to take voters to the polls.

From a temporary stage, Nse Ufot looked out at an audience of about 200 people dismayed by what they say are Republican efforts to suppress Georgia's Democratic vote. "When they go low," Ufot told the crowd, "we vote!"

The Campaign Legal Center and other groups are challenging Georgia's law in court. Danielle Lang, the center's senior legal counsel, called the law "nonsensical." “The more barriers or confusing procedures you put in place, the more likely people will make the determination that it’s not worth their time or it’s too intimidating or too complicated and stay home,” Lang said. “That is the goal of voter suppression. I encourage folks to not let voter suppression win.”

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A spokeswoman for the Secretary of State's Office called the litigation a "publicity stunt" and a "complete waste of our time and taxpayer dollars."