Washington Times: Supreme Court clears the way for Texas voter ID law

J. Gerald Hebert, Executive Director of The Campaign Legal Center, blasted the decision, calling it a “bitter disappointment.” ...

“Today’s inaction by the Supreme Court is a bitter disappointment and a travesty of justice for hundreds of thousands of validly registered Texas voters who will be unable to exercise their right to vote in the November elections,” Mr. Hebert said. 

The Campaign Legal Center is part of the legal team representing voters and elected officials who oppose the law. 

“It is appalling that the Supreme Court could not muster five votes to protect the rights of all Texas registered voters to cast ballots on Election Day, especially since a lower court, after a year of factual discovery and a two week trial, had found the law intentionally racially discriminatory and deemed it a ‘poll tax,’” Mr. Hebert added.

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