The Washington Times: Half of 2016 Election Ads on Facebook Had Little Financial Information Available, Says Report

In a new study that details the effort to influence American elections via social media, University of Wisconsin-Madison analysts reported that of the 228 groups that bought ads on sensitive political issues such as gun control and illegal immigration, 122 were deemed “suspicious.” The definition of “suspicious,” the researchers said, is that there was virtually no publicly available information about them.

Of those 122, it’s believed that about 20 had clear, direct links to the Kremlin, analysts said after cross-referencing their findings with House Intelligence Committee information.


In her review, Ms. Kim calls on Congress to pass the Honest Ads Act, bipartisan legislation that would bar some anonymous political advertising on social media sites. The study was released in conjunction with the Campaign Legal Center and Issue One, two advocacy groups that also are explicitly pushing the Honest Ads Act.

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