Washington Post: Jared Kushner stepped down from 266 ‘corporate positions.’ What does that mean?


 In a recent story following the release of revised filings by Kushner and Ivanka Trump, The Washington Post reported that Kushner had “resigned from 266 corporate positions, and Trump stepped down from 292 positions.”


In other words, Kushner's 266 “positions” do not necessarily indicate typical “jobs” as people may think of them, said Larry Noble, a former general counsel at the Federal Election Commission and the senior director for ethics at the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center. “All the LLC is there for is to own the building,” he said in an interview. Most likely, “he's not taking calls from tenants.” (The Campaign Legal Center has filedcomplaints to the Federal Election Commission about Trump's campaign and has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice regarding the disclosure of requested records.)

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