Washington Post: Bob Brady runs Philadelphia Democrats amid run of corruption


Union carpenter Bob Brady has spent 30 years running Philadelphia’s Democratic machine, and 20 years in Congress, watching a string of local party leaders go to prison.

A Justice Department memo in a brewing criminal case hints at the way he wields power.


Brady’s camp gave a city judge who challenged him in the 2012 primary $90,000 to quit the race, according to the plea memo, unsealed Wednesday after the judge’s campaign aide pleaded guilty to breaking campaign finance laws. And Brady himself tried to “influence” a witness in the case, according to prosecutors, who said they filed the case under seal for fear he would “corrupt(ly)” pressure the aide not to cooperate.


A former Federal Election Commission lawyer said it’s legal to hold a fundraiser for a failed rival, but not to pay them to drop out.

“You wouldn’t create a shell corporation and hide it if you thought it was legal,” said Adav Noti, senior director of the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center.

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