Vox: Reminder: the Trump International Hotel is still an ethics disaster


The Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, has been serving as a White House extension since Donald Trump took office, and experts think this violates several governmental ethics rules.


The Post story echoed the same concerns Shaub has been expressing since Trump took office, Shaub, who is now senior director for ethics at the Campaign Legal Center, said in an interview. The continued business dealings at the hotel “[create] the appearance of using the presidency for private gain,” he said.

While at OGE, Shaub said, he frequently expressed his concern over Trump’s business dealings and conflicts of interest, but the president and his administration are behaving “without concern for the appearance of profiting off the presidency.”

Ultimately, he said, the public can’t know whether the president is making policy decisions based on what’s best for the country or what protects his financial interests.

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