US News: NH Officials Lash Out at Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission


Already slammed as an investigator in search of a non-existent crime – voter fraud – Kobach, Kansas' Republican secretary of state, has come under more fire for an op-ed he wrote in Breitbart News, alleging that New Hampshire laws encourage illegal voting, a fact that put the state in the Democrats' win column in 2016.

State officials hit back in person on Wednesday, when the commission held a public hearing in New Hampshire.


Danielle Lang, the Campaign Legal Center attorney who unearthed the Heritage email through a Freedom of Information Act request, points out that the search for voter fraud, despite evidence to the contrary, is "an old story" and fomented mostly on the right.

"It's absolutely true, and it is not the first commission in search of a crime in that way," she says. "The Department of Justice under [former President] George W. Bush spent years looking for voter fraud and came up empty-handed."

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