Trevor Potter: Supreme Court Wrong On Campaign Finance, Gerrymandering, Voting Laws

The Hoosier-Times

Trevor Potter’s speech on why he believes the Supreme Court got it wrong in recent decisions on campaign finance, gerrymandering and voting laws came with a warning. “Discussing these topics is always a lot more fun when Stephen Colbert is in the room,” he said. Potter is the former Republican chairman of the Federal Election Commission. He is also founder and president of the nonprofit Campaign Legal Center. Potter’s speech, scheduled in honor of Constitution Day, began with a history of how the Constitution was framed by different groups over more than two centuries. He then moved into the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision that allowed Colbert to use his super PAC the way he did. In the case of Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court extended the protection of independent spending to corporations.

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