Texas Monthly: El Paso Super PAC Is Shrouded in Mystery


The Keep El Paso Honest PAC ran a series of negative ads in El Paso’s 16th Congressional District Democratic primary that targeted eventual winner Veronica Escobar, the former county judge in El Paso.  Sierra and Keep El Paso Honest have so far ignored a series of Federal Election Commission deadlines for public disclosure of who funded the effort, and how the money was spent. That failure to file a disclosure report is clear violation of federal election law.


But there are others who refuse to give up on the notion that voters are entitled to know who is funding elections and how the money is being spent. One of them is Brendan Fischer, director of the federal reform program for the Campaign Legal Center in Washington, D.C. When asked about Sierra’s activities, Fischer said, “I’ve not seen an example previously of a Super PAC spending a significant amount of money on an election and then not filing any reports whatsoever.”


“The law is cut and dry that Super PACs have to file quarterly reports and they have to file pre-election reports for elections that they’re spending money in, and it doesn’t look like this group has done that,” said Fischer of the Campaign Legal Center.


Fischer, the campaign finance expert, is more optimistic about eventual disclosure. “This just seems like an incredibly clear-cut example of very basic reporting requirements and the FEC should do its job and make sure that voters do know who funded this group and also how they spent their money. That’s the reason that disclosure and reporting laws are on the books, so the public knows who’s trying to influence them and in what way they’re trying to influence them.”

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