Salt Lake Tribune: Chaffetz May Have Broken the Law in Money Transfer


Former Rep. Jason Chaffetz was attempting to close out his congressional campaign account when he decided to transfer the remaining $267,000 to a political action committee he runs. The problem: He can’t do that — at least not the way he did. The Federal Election Commission has warned the Chaffetz-run Beehive PAC in a letter that federal law limits money transfers between a campaign account and a leadership PAC to $5,000 in a calendar year, and the FEC wants an answer about why the money was moved.


“This letter is a polite way of the FEC saying that Jason Chaffetz has very much violated the law,” says Brendan Fischer, director of federal reform at the Campaign Legal Center.


Fischer says it seems clear there was some mix-up because the campaign and the PAC both noted the money in filings with the FEC.

“I have to assume this is an honest mistake,” Fischer says. “The transfer was reported, there was no effort to disguise it.”


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