Sacramento Bee: Where will Kevin de León get the cash?


Kevin de León needs campaign money. Otherwise, his insurgent U.S. Senate bid will be doomed before voters begin tuning in next year.


An immediate question for de León, who holds his public campaign kickoff Wednesday at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, is can he use more than $3.8 million he raised into accounts as a state candidate for a federal race? The Federal Election Commission has not issued a rule so there is no clear guidance on the question.

If de León was contributing the money to help another federal candidate, “there wouldn’t be a problem, so long as it complied with state law,” said Larry Noblegeneral counsel for the Campaign Legal Center, a nonpartisan election reform group.

“But if his money is establishing the Super PAC, it could be considered a contribution to his campaign, and that would be illegal,” Noble added. Jacobson said he was unaware of any discussions involving transferring the state money into his Super PAC, called “A Progressive California.”

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