Roll Call: Supreme Court to Hear Case on Partisan Redistricting


The voters who are challenging the plan, led by the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center, argue that the map allowed Wisconsin’s state Assembly to not resemble the electorate in a closely divided swing state that has supported presidential candidates from both parties and currently has one Democrat and one Republican representing it in the U.S. Senate...

“The threat of partisan gerrymandering isn’t a Democratic or Republican issue; it’s an issue for all American voters,” Trevor Potter, president of the Campaign Legal Center and a former Republican chairman of the Federal Election Commission, said in a written statement.

“Across the country, we’re witnessing legislators of both parties seizing power from voters in order to advance their purely partisan purposes,” Potter said. “We’re confident that when the justices see how pervasive and damaging this practice has become, the Supreme Court will adopt a clear legal standard that will ensure our democracy functions as it should.”

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