Roll Call: Money Can't Buy Love - or in Some Cases, Even Elections


“Wherever this goes, we’ve known for a while … that the public in both parties does not like the status quo of campaign finance,” said Trevor Potter, former chairman of the FEC. 

Trump vs. Sanders

Potter, a Republican and prominent critic of recent changes to the campaign finance system, said he is happy that Trump and Sanders’ message has resonated with voters. The two men speak differently about money’s role in politics, of course: Trump has repeatedly insisted that he’s self-funding his campaign, and said most donors contribute to curry favor with a candidate — as he has done himself in the past. (Trump is, in fact, accepting donations, though he is raising and spending less than many of his past and current rivals.) ...

"Trump is unique in the campaign finance world, not only because he’s a billionaire financing his campaign … but beyond that, because the press has given him an advantage they have not given anyone else," Potter said. "For every other mortal, or everyone else who isn’t as outrageous, the question is how do you get your message out?"

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