Rewire: Where Trump’s Policies Sow Fear, New Campaign Argues, ‘Corporate Backers of Hate’ Stand to Profit


Meanwhile, the Campaign Legal Center (CLC), a nonpartisan organization that works to enforce campaign finance laws at federal, state, and local levels, argues that GEO Group may have violated the law to support and back Trump’s campaign before his election.

A letter submitted by CLC to the Federal Election Commission on December 20 shows evidence that GEO Group may have illegally donated $225,000 to the Trump-affiliated super PAC Rebuilding American Now, in violation of the 75-year-old ban on government contractors making political contributions. Federal contracts make up 45 percent of both GEO Group and CoreCivic’s annual revenue.  

“By contributing to a super PAC closely associated with Trump—the only presidential nominee to endorse private prisons—GEO presumably sought to influence the government contracting process and to ensure that a Trump administration would protect its access to taxpayer dollars,” said Brendan Fischer, associate counsel for the CLC, in a statement published on the organization’s website.

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