Reuters: Fight over electoral district boundaries heads to Supreme Court


 It is a political practice nearly as old as the United States - manipulating the boundaries of legislative districts to help one party tighten its grip on power in a move called partisan gerrymandering - and one the Supreme Court has never curbed.

That could soon change, with the nine justices making the legal fight over Republican-drawn electoral maps in Wisconsin one of the first cases they hear during their 2017-2018 term that begins next month. Their ruling in the case could influence American politics for decades.


“Government should treat voters equally regardless of their viewpoint and we have ways to measure it,” said Danielle Lang, an attorney for the plaintiffs.

If the justices rule that courts must stay out of this highly political process, voters will lose, Lang said.

“There would be no way for voters to rein in partisan gerrymandering, no way for voters to take back control of their government.”

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