Politco: Ex-ethics chief Shaub asks Congress to strengthen oversight office


Walter Shaub said he felt almost powerless as head of the Office of Government Ethics to serve as a check on President Donald Trump’s administration, but he's pushing Congress to empower his successors.


Shaub joined the Campaign Legal Center this summer to pursue reforms to strengthen OGE. 

Shaub's recommendations on Thursday include insulating the OGE director from “retaliation by establishing new procedural or substantive requirements” for removal and authorizing OGE to communicate with Congress on issues ranging from its budget and legislative proposals to its oversight of the executive branch ethics program.

He includes 30 pages of proposals. To improve oversight, Shaub suggests allowing the OGE director to stay in office for up to a year beyond the term’s expiration — or until replaced. He said the post has been vacant for more than five years over the last 14, but carryover authority “would enhance the continuity of OGE’s operations following the end of” a director’s term.

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