A Path for Former Convicts to Vote in Nevada

Inside a conference room of Northern Nevada Hopes, a community health center, there is a sign-in clipboard inside and a display of blue shiny pins with the Restore Your Vote logo.

The main organizer Anthony Ritosa is trying to educate people convicted with felonies about their possible path to reclaim their right to vote again.

“We are working to educate in order to empower our fellow citizens to reclaim their voices in our democracy. Many people believe that they can’t vote after a past felony conviction. But in Nevada many people have their voting rights restored automatically,” Ritosa said.

A lot of people don’t know this, but Nevada state law says that if someone was released from prison and ended their probation before July 1st, 2003, all they need is to present their official discharge documentation when registering. The Restore Your Vote interactive website guides people to reclaim their voting rights based off of their individual circumstances.

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