Omaha World-Herald: Federal form gives incorrect info on felon voting rights in Nebraska

A federal voter registration form incorrectly instructs potential voters that no felons can vote in Nebraska.

But, under state law, voting rights are automatically restored two years after felons complete their sentences. The Nebraska Legislature changed the law in 2005.

The inaccurate instructions on the National Voter Registration Form were pointed out by the nonpartisan voter advocacy group Campaign Legal Center in a letter to Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale last month.


Danielle Lang, senior legal counsel for Campaign Legal Center, said the federal forms are often used by groups looking to help people register to vote because it has instructions for every state. The form, she said, is also available on the Internet when people seek information on voter registration. Nebraska isn’t the only state with inaccurate instructions on the federal form. Lang said that so far her organization has sent letters to six states, including Nebraska, about inaccurate instructions as part of  nationwide survey of voting access.

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