New York Times: New C.D.C. Director's $375,000 Salary Under Scrutiny


The high salary set for the newly appointed director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has come under criticism from Senators and watchdog groups who questioned the use of an exemption to pay him nearly twice as much as his predeccessors. 


 Lawrence M. Noble, senior director of the Campaign Legal Center, a nonprofit watchdog, also raised questions about the propriety of invoking Title 42 for Dr. Redfield. 

“One of the points behind it was that the agency was not able to get these people unless they paid under Title 42,” Mr. Noble said. “It seems somewhat incongruous to have someone who’s been trying to get the job for many years to be paid under it. The C.D.C. has to show that it had to do so to get him, and that it needed him for the job.”

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