NBC News: Foreigners Worked for Cambridge Analytica on NC Senate Campaign


Chris Wylie, a 28-year-old Canadian who ran messaging for Cambridge out of its London office in 2014, said he worked on all the company's U.S. political campaigns in 2014, "and stopped at most of them, like Thom Tillis's campaign." Tillis ran for and won a U.S. Senate seat in North Carolina in 2014.

Wylie said that many foreign nationals worked on the campaigns, and many were embedded in the campaigns around the U.S. "It was not just me," he said. "Like 20 other people were. We had Canadians, British, Eastern Europeans, Lithuanians, Germans, Romanians, Greeks."


"The general rule that a foreign national should not be directing or otherwise involved in decisions about contributions or expenditures made by a campaign or super PAC should apply, regardless of the formal role they have in the campaign or with the super PAC," said Brendan Fischer of the Campaign Legal Center. "The FEC has not squarely addressed this issue."

Fischer said that if the foreign national is only providing advice about expenditures, but is not part of the decision-making about the expenditures, "the FEC might say that that's okay."

Fischer also said Nix could also play a major role as long as he were not involved in how particular committees made expenditures.

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