National Journal: Why Won't Democrats Talk About Obama's Fundraising?

The president and his party are less than transparent about campaign cash.
The bottom line is that no one, beyond Democratic Party accountants, knows for sure. "It is impossible to know how much money was raised at a particular event," says Meredith McGehee, policy director of the Campaign Legal Center, a nonprofit that analyzes campaign finance laws. "There really are no tracks in the snow."

How much cash had the two events generated for the party that day? With such incomplete information, there's no way to tell. And unlike in 2012, Obama need not file campaign-finance reports, so the public may never know how much the president pulled in this election. That gnaws at good-government advocates such as McGehee. "When you have the most powerful person in the world out there raising money hand-over-fist, then you have the potential for all sorts of shenanigans," she says. "The corrupting nature of having a fundraiser in chief is troubling to a lot of people."

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