Moyers and Company: Morning Reads: Florida Faces Hurricane Matthew, Presidential Campaigns Accused of Breaking Finance Laws


The nonprofit watchdog organization Campaign Legal Center is alleging that both Clinton and Trump campaigns have violated campaign finance law by coordinating super PACs supporting their canddate’s election. Super PACs can raise unlimited amounts and use that money to buy ads and do work that helps a candidate’s campaign, as long as they are not coordinating directly with that campaign.

In a press release announcing that the Campaign Legal Center had filed complaints with the Federal Election Commission, the group’s associate counsel Brendan Fischer says, “If either candidate is allowed to get away with these schemes, there is no doubt that the new loopholes they’ve created will be exploited by billionaires and corporations across the political spectrum… The two major candidates for the most powerful office in the world apparently feel that the rule of law does not apply to them, perhaps because they assume that the FEC is too dysfunctional to enforce the campaign finance laws that exist. The question for both Clinton and Trump is what, specifically, are they going to do to fix the broken system they are exploiting.”

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