KJZZ: Campaign Legal Center Files Federal Complaint Against Lesko


On Thursday, the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center filed a federal complaint against Debbie Lesko. Meanwhile, a state complaint was dismissed.


And the federal issue is murkier. The CLC, which filed its own complaint with the Federal Elections Commission on Thursday, says Lesko violated federal law.

“It’s well-settled federal law that a candidate cannot transfer money from a state campaign account to support [her] run for federal office. But that is exactly what Debbie Lesko did,” said Brendan Fischer, director of Federal and FEC Reform at the CLC. “If this conduct is allowed to pass without any repercussions, then it would open a new loophole that would allow federal candidates to funnel unregulated money into federal elections.”

A Lesko spokesman said the campaign followed all federal and state laws and looks forward to the CLC complaint being dismissed, just as Lovas’ state complaint was.

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