The Intercept: Chinese State-Owned Chemical Firm Joins Dark Money Group Pouring Cash Into U.S. Elections


It is formally illegal for foreign nationals — which includes foreign individuals, corporations, and governments —  to spend any money attempting to influence U.S. elections. Therefore, any contributions the ACC accepts from a foreign corporation like Wanhua must theoretically go to an account separate from that which the ACC uses for political spending. But whether this actually happens is extremely difficult for the public to find out, and even if the ACC is following the law, it would be essentially irrelevant.


“I’m sure ACC will claim that any foreign funds it receives will be segregated from the money used for elections, but how will we know?” asks Brendan Fischer, a campaign finance counsel with the Campaign Legal Center, which advocates for stricter enforcement of campaign finance law. “And in any case, money is fungible, so the influx of Wanhua funds could free up other ACC resources for political activity.”

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