If You’re A Politician Who Needs A Lot Of Cash, Joint Fundraising Committees Are The Way To Go

CPR News

Joint Fundraising committees are a tool that allows candidates, political parties or leadership PACs to join together and well, fundraise. The candidates and entities in the joint fundraising committee have to decide ahead of time how they’re going to split the money. Donors still have to abide by individual fundraising limits, but thanks to the 2014 McCutcheon v. FEC Supreme Court case, there are no aggregate limits. Which, as Erin Chlopak of the nonprofit Campaign Legal Center explained, is helpful for joint fundraising committees who want to find mega-donors. “Until the McHutchin decision, there was also a ceiling on the amount that individuals could give to all these different groups overall,” Chlopak said. Outside of the accountability work at the Campaign Legal Center, she spent more than a decade as an attorney at the Federal Election Commission.

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