HuffPost: Texas’ Discrimination Against Minority Voters May Finally Come Back To Haunt It


In little more than a week, federal judges have ruled in three separate cases that Texas lawmakers intentionally discriminated when they drew congressional district maps, when they tried to implement a voter ID law and when they drew some state legislative districts. Since 2011, courts have ruled nine times that Texas intentionally discriminated against minority voters.


J. Gerald Hebert, a lawyer at the Campaign Legal Center, is representing Rep. Marc Veasey (D-Texas), the plaintiff in the voter ID case. Hebert said he believes Texas offers the exact circumstances that Congress envisioned when it wrote the relevant preclearance provision.

“It would be huge,” Hebert said. “When you have within your state engaged in intentional discrimination, it violates the Constitution with respect to voting. Why wouldn’t it be appropriate to have an independent, so-called independent, entity ― DOJ ― review voting changes that they make?”

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