HuffPost: Suit Seeks To Force Alabama To Inform People About Restored Voting Rights


In the motion, the Campaign Legal Center, which is representing 10 plaintiffs suing the state over the moral turpitude law, said Merrill had not taken any meaningful action to advertise the changes to the law, such as updating his website, election forms or advising local voter registrars. With a voter registration deadline for a special election for U.S. Senate approaching at the end of July, the plaintiffs said Merrill must act to educate voters.

“The state is responsible for correcting the confusion that has wrongly disenfranchised voters for decades. In order for HB 282 to have any meaningful effect, Alabama must notify voters about their right and ensure they are able to successfully cast a ballot going forward,” Danielle Lang, a lawyer at Campaign Legal Center, said in a statement.

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