The Huffington Post: Trump Loyalists Planned Voter Intimidation Using Fake ID Badges, Fake Exit Polling — Until HuffPost Asked Them About It


For Danielle Lang, the deputy director of voting rights at the nonprofit Campaign Legal Center, the Vote Protectors’ emphasis on posting livestream video of voters to the internet is especially disturbing. “It’s inherently intimidating and an invasion of privacy” to videotape private citizens at the polls without their consent, Lang told HuffPost. “When that’s being livestreamed to the internet, it amplifies the potentially intimidating aspect of it, and violates a sense of security and privacy people have a right to enjoy at the polls.”

Lang noted that while each state has different rules about how many feet from a polling place political groups and campaign workers can set up, “Objectively, intimidating voters is unlawful, no matter where you do it.”

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