The Huffington Post: Super PAC Contributions Can Be Considered Bribes: Judge


However, Walls' decision in the Menendez case may very well reveal that the Supreme Court was “either naive or disingenuous” in its Citizens United ruling, according to Paul Ryan, senior counsel for the Campaign Legal Center, a nonprofit that supports campaign finance reform.

“Judge Walls stated the obvious,” Ryan said. “This is something we’ve all known for years. It was predictable that when super PACs were created in 2010 that contributions could lead to corruption.”

Ryan sees a “silver lining” in the Menendez case and other possible future corruption cases involving contributions to super PACs and other supposedly independent groups: that they could lead the court to reassess its decision. ...

“Perhaps with an evidentiary record in a case down the road the court could decide that elected officials could succumb to independent expenditures,” Ryan said.

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