The Hill: O'Malley proposes to 'get big money out of politics'


But O'Malley's plan is also significantly more detailed, says Paul Ryan, the senior counsel at the campaign finance reform group Campaign Legal Center. ...

But Ryan from the Campaign Legal Center said he could not help but notice some hypocrisy in O'Malley calling for tougher enforcement of campaign finance laws. 

"Back in March we filed a complaint against Martin O'Malley for what we believe to be the use of his leadership PAC to illegally fundraise and pay for testing the waters expenses," he said.
"It takes a little bit of a punch out of what he would probably characterize as a hard-hitting campaign finance reform proposal."

The complaint — like so many to the gridlocked Federal Election Commission — has not resulted in any action so far, and the O'Malley campaign did not respond to questions about Ryan's criticism. 

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