The Guardian: North Carolina's 'Partisan Gerrymander' Could Prompt Supreme Court Action

The last time North Carolina Republicans redrew the state’s 13 congressional districts, they made absolutely no secret of their ambition to rig the system and lock in a 10-3 balance in their favour – regardless of whether they or the Democrats won a majority of the votes in future elections. The supreme court is already considering two partisan gerrymandering cases – one from Wisconsin (run by Republicans) and one from Maryland (run by Democrats). It now seems likely that the North Carolina case will be included in the court’s deliberations and that a new overarching standard for drawing district boundaries will emerge before the court’s term ends in June.


“This is the first time ever that a congressional districting plan has been struck down as partisan gerrymander,” one of the plaintiff’s attorneys, Ruth Greenwood of the Campaign Legal Center, told the Guardian. “If we are able to keep that precedent, it could be applied to half a dozen other states.”

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